The gardens of the Estate have been serving multiple functions across the centuries, between decorative and ludicrous gardens or more functional like vegetable garden and chess nut woods.

They are immensely rich in many species of flowers, trees, fruit trees, bushes and of course plenty of fountains.

The gardens of Paço de Calheiros are classified as Historic Gardens, along with the manor house that is classified by the government as a historic Manor of Public Interest.

The gardens are divided according to its function, strongly influenced by the century they here built.

The Manor House is surrounded by flower gardens that included many different species like wisteria, camellia, gardenia, roses and others.

The French garden in front of the main facade was built in the XIX century and follows the typical labyrinth bush style of that time.

The garden then unfolds in three lower levels. The first level is rich in passion fruit trees that provide shade in the hot summers. The second level has orange trees whose flower perfume fills the air in the spring. The third level has quince trees that are used for the marmalade.

On the right side of the house we find a small garden shaded by a huge garden, built in the XIX century to enjoy the breath taking view. This garden unfolds in a lower level hanging garden rich in olive trees.

On the north side of the house we find the Camelia gardens, planted mostly by the second Count of Calheiros, whom was very passionate by these trees.

Paço de Calheiros has an extensive vegetable garden where we grow most of the vegetables we and our guests eat. In the cooking lessons, the ingredients for cooking are actually collected from the garden so that the experience is enjoyed in full. 

The vegetable gardens are surrounded by fruit trees that include apples, pears, cherries, peachs and oranges.

On the east side of the estate we find the chess nut woods that unfold into the hills around.

At the chestnut woods silence is king, only broken by water sounds from a small river nearby and the activity of deer.