Way of St. James

Paço de Calheiros stands on the roman road of the Way of Saint James.

Since the old times that Peligrines stop here on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The ancient road, part roman part medieval, stands as one of the least explored in Iberic Peninsula, and as so one that has remained most preserved.

There is a very strong affinity with the region and Santiago. The Coat of Arms of the Calheiros family stands with five Vieiras of Santiago, which was and still is considered a great honor.

In the times of the Christian Reconquista of the Peninsula, the Christian armies cried the name of the Apolstole when charging againts Moorish troops.

Candido Pazos, the famous Galician artisit, wrote the book Codice Calixtino in the Way of Santiago. It is a modern version of the 12th century manuscript. The book goes through ancient simbology and spirituality of the Caminho covering the main routes, and where Paço de Calheiros stands has one of the places to visit on the pilgrimage.

The old Portuguese Way can be traced from Porto to Barcelos, to Ponte do Lima, then Valença where it enters Spain, through the city of Tui.



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