Vinho Verde

We produce the Vinho Verde with the grapes Loureiro and Vinhão.
This variety of wine is unique in the world, for it is what is called in portuguese Vinho verde / Green Wine. It has great digestive properties due to it’s special qualities. It is a fresh and fruity wine, very easy to drink due to it’s lightness.

The Loureiro and Vinhão are typical grapes from the region which are cultivated here for centuries.

The Loureiro usally acquires a lemony colour while the Vinhão acquires a rosy red.

Our prodution is Bio-Dynamic, which means that we use no chemicals through out the process, achiving an astonishing wine.

The Estate has a very good conditions for wine, with high sunlight exposute, plenty of water and good terroir.

We welcome you to join us in our anual crop in September, and help us make this extraordinary wine.


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