The Manor House

Your stay at Paço de Calheiros, an Historic Manor House

“Staying in Calheiros is going back to the time where everything was as it’s suposed to. The water is fresh from the mountains, the fruits and vegetables from the garden and even the bread is made in the same wood fired oven as our great grandparents.

The Count of Calheiros, Francisco de Calheiros, welcomes the guests with the warm hospitality of the North of Portugal, which is famous for its welcoming people.Conde de Calheiros

The Manor House is located in one of the Hills steps on the Lima Valley in the North of Portugal, surrounded by vineyards of the Vinho Verde Loureiro, which is produced in the Estate. The view over the Valley is breathtaking and the guests are more the welcome to explore and discover the property and its surroundings which are classified as “Historic Gardens” and Monument of National Interest.

Our bedrooms are prepared and equipped with the most modern conforts and facilities, which bring the ideal combination between history and modern times.

They are decorated with the Portuguese furniture dating back to the 16th Century, with influences from the former Portuguese Empire across the world. You can find the furniture of Queen Carlota Joaquina, Queen of Portugal and Empress of Brazil, famous for her well know sexual appetite, or the furniture that General Junot prepared to accomodate Napoleon in the Convento de Mafra.

We also have avalilable a Spa, tennis court and swimingpool, and beautiful woods that surround the estate that are astonishing for walks.

Our family has lived in this place for seven hundred years, and we invited you to come and enjoy this piece of heaven with us.

We do not call ourselves hotel or boutique hotel because we are much more that. We are a family house which is proud to welcome guests as friends and share the way of life of this region, a living experience of culture and traditional habits of Alto Minho.

We have had the honor and pleasure of hosting distinguished guests and friends:

Anna Lindh – Minister of Enviroment of Sweden

John Malkovich – American Actor

Xanana Gusmão – President of East-Timor

António Guterres – Prime Minister and UN High Comissioner for Refugees

D. Ximenes Belo – Nobel Peace Price

HRH Dom Duarte – Duke of Braganza

HRH Prince Edward of England

Lord John Spencer & Frances Ruth Spencer

Aníbal Cavaco Silva – President of Portuguese Republic

Mario Soares – President of Portuguese Republic

Jorge Sampaio – President of Portuguese Republic

José Manuel Durão Barroso – Prime Minister and President of European Comission

José Hermano Saraiva – Historian, Professor, Politician

Manuel Fraga Iribarne – President of Junta da Galicia

Paco Rabal – Spanish Actor

Nicolau Breyner – Portuguese Actor

Ruud Lubbers – Prime Minister of Holand

Silvia Hernández – Secretary of State of Tourism of Spain

Renan Calheiros – President of Brasilian Senate

Fernando Heitor – President of National Assembly of Angola


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