The Majestic view from the swiming pool and over the Lima River Valley, at the Heart of the North of Portugal, brings you one of the most beautifull sceneries in the world.

We invite you to stay with us in this Historic Manor House, the Paço de Calheiros, and discover all the magic of the North of Portugal and the Lima Valley.

Manor House Rooms

The rooms in the Manor House are decorated with furniture dating back to the 16th Century.

Prepared and equipped with all the modern conforts, they nonethless have carved the memories of the Portuguese Imperial past, that stretched to the 4 corners of the world.

You can find the furniture of Queen Carlota Joaquina, Queen of Portugal and Empress of Brazil, or the furniture that General Junot prepared to accomodate Napoleon in the Convento de Mafra.

6 double Rooms and 3 twin rooms.

Garden Suites

Our garden suites are the 19th century stables that were recuperated and transformed into duplex rooms equiped with kitchenette. Ideal for spacious confort or longer stays.

6 suites with fully equipped kitchenette and living room with all comforts.

Garden Cottage House


The Cottage House is a beautiful countryside villa with a view over the house vineyards and privileged access to the swimming pool and spa.
It’s a charming house ideal for families, couples or friends that love nature and wish to enjoy a great stay both in the charming indoors and in the idyllic seventeen century gardens of the property.

2 double rooms and 2 twin rooms with fully equipped kitchen, dining room and living room with all comforts.

Quinta da Bemvisa

For families or groups of friends, longer stays or if you whish to have vacations in a private and independent property, we have a magestic Manor House that belongs to the family since the 18th century.
With an astonishing view over the Valley this Manor House has 5 rooms, swimming pool and tennis. For further information on the Villa Quinta da Bemvisa please contact us.

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